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Iwan is a creative web-developer, who mostly works with Wordpress & Woocommerce, BUT.. enjoys to spice them up with shameless amount of unique UX interactions.

Iwan (who's given name is Viktor by the way) is a creative web-developer, who mostly works with Wordpress & Woocommerce, BUT finds massive passion in spicing these up with unlimited amount (in case of unlimited budget of course:) of unique UX. Constructing outstanding website structures, layouts and gamified user interaction points are -of course- incredible boosters of brand recognition and engagement. Iwan believes: the same content can be presented on a dull, not-so-inspiring way and by a carefully brainstormed and crafted amusement experience, that brings high level joy and memories to the visitors. Which they are thankful for..

Like i was, as a kid, and ever since then. During my childhood, i was fairly geek. I explored dozens, hundreds of computer games. Those gave me probably thousands of hours of careless exploration and improvement. While my various skills (logic, precision, speed etc.) and knowledge were improved on a totally smooth and pleasant way. Gaming is magic. This kind of experience and state of mind i seek when i implement extra UX to the websites i design..


The most important principles that guide me (I seek to follow) during the everydays. Starting with the highest priority from the top.

Self Improvement
The ultimate drive i can trust ..for decades now. It helped me out of a couple of hard times, just by believing, that with day-to-day conscious and focused self-improvement we can turn every situation to our favor and eventually thrive at the end. I hold it as one of the biggest and most useful 'power' that i discovered and excessively utilizing in this life.
By integrity i mean the constant aim of keeping my core values and disciplines always together and in neat harmony. I believe by consciously keeping them on the horizon (a.k.a. staying aware of them) and listing them through on a daily basis is significantly strengthens the individual. By seeing a holistic picture about the world through these 'filters' is the definition of integrity to me..
Seek of FLOW
FLOW is an unbeliveably strong phenomenon. We can take it on the same level as Love. The two often interlap on various amounts. The concept of FLOW has been officially defined or 'invented' by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi
  ... (i love these ultra simple, 'piece-of-cake' hungarian names..hahha)
so i'm double glad for it since i'm a proud hungarian myself too. FLOW is a state (of mindset) which i constantly and consciously trying to reach and keep as long as i can.
IKIGAI is a japanese term. Basically it means "a reason for waking up" (every day). I think it's extremely important. Being satisfied with most part of our days. By having a profession which we can't enjoy is a massive mistake or 'handicap' which is better to be fixed ASAP, if you ask me. (I did that and i feel GOOOOOOD) Living life without activated IKIGAI, is a waste of life in some extent - i mean it can be a bit difficult to exist without any purpose :D - at least in my humble opinion. So why should we do that?!?
Lean/minimalism & Anti-consumer
It's an easy one. Today's hyper consumer-based world makes me feel sick deep down to my cells and back. Thus i can safely blame the (ever thriving) concepts of consumerism and capitalism for distorting all the real values of humankind thus exploiting our planet, our nature, and successfully distorting all the real values that should guide a sustainable (and responsible..) living form. Humans.
It's a MASSIWE topic i'm interested in so you may expect that definite fronts will be opened on this topic soon here.. Muhahhhaaaa!

Let me know if you have the same principles.
Or you want to suggest another great one, etc.

Discusson about these things is like a bite of bread (or Egg tart, Mmmm). Always with a good taste. :)

The Crazy Food-Photo Project

How should i start.. I don't know about any other person yet on this planet, who took photo of every single food and drink she/he consumed in the last ~15 years.

  ... although i believe she/he exists. If you know a person like that, please report it to me IMMEDIATELY! :)

So i did.

I'm photo-documenting all the 'calories' i take in since the beginning of 2006.
Here you find more details about this and about WHY on earth i'm doing such thing like this.

These are my blog articles related to this.. achievement :) Don't forget to enjoy:

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  • Wordpress
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  • Wordpress

    Wordpress is a great ecosystem with proper flexibility and history. However the final outcome strongly depends on the developer. What rate of success the website owner's business can achieve throughout the times? It's mostly about best coding practices and up-to-date knowledge that makes the difference between a low- and a high-performing WP site in terms of coversion rate, speed and search engine visibility.

  • WooCommerce

    WooCommerce webshop building and optimization. A successful Woocommerce webshop has hundreds if not thousands of tiny moving parts that all should do it's best to be an efficient system. For example the craftmanship of proper UX parts (product browsing, checkout flow, contacting, feedback etc.) I saw how the conversion rate can double or multiply after the dozens of small improvements here and then. Woocommerce first seemed to me and my customers as a never ending (development) story, but actually with some clients we already reached a point: such improved state of the site that it's getting harder and harder to come up with new ideas that can push the efficiency (thus ROI) even further. :)

  • UX - User Experience

    Such an important factor of the success of any website. If it's not well engineered, if it's loosy or buggy, it can irritate and chase away visitors faster than a tax-inspector officer. By improving the user interaction on the specific parts of the website it increases the chance of a happy and completed website visit (potential purchase, etc). It worth the energy invested into improving these critical parts. Who doesn't want a website where users never get stuck and can have a smooth flow from the landing page till the very end (such as a "thank you" page or "user account created".)

  • SEO optimization

    Who doesn't want to max out it's SEO? Such a valuable investment in long-term flow of incoming potential buyers, customers. SEO services here mean that we check where is possible to max out the content SEO of the webiste. Such as content strategy, taxonomy setup, properly written meta descriptions, well set up headings on every page, possibly cornerstone-pages and page-hierarchy that all supports a better position on the search engines.

  • Improving an existing website

    It can mean multiple things but at the end it's a sum of improving UX, SEO, and/or loading speed and conversion rate. Worth to look at it as a package. Website optimization is happening after a thorough inspection and diagnosis on the current state of the site and spotting the problematic and low performing (pain)points. Then coming up with a prioritized strategy to improve those one by one.

  • Website maintenance & Security

    In our most recent times maintaining a website means to have the capacity of any immediate fix or change if that comes in demand. Wordpress and Woocommerce has automatic plugin updates since version 5.2, however problems and conflicts can occur thanks to the complexity of plugins developed by different teams and companies thus there is no "1000%"" tested compatiblitiy in every possible use-case. Maintenance means by installing monitoring tools on the different parts on the website such as the file system, the plugins, the database changes, the caching and so on. This way the site owner can rest assured that there is an extra safety net and precautions been made against attacks and against getting the website out of business for unnoticed days or so. Probability of bad days can be reduced significantly.

  • New website

    Building or planning a custom website from ground up (based on a Wordpress theme of choice). New projects can be planned and designed efficiently based on the type of your business and exact goals. I can help to make decisions simply and to find best matching themes and plugins (and other strategies) based on the specific project in question. It's actually a built-in "ping-pong" consultation as well. It's just not really working in any other way.

  • Consulting

    Inspection and advising on possible improvable aspects of the website and best practices to implement them.

  • Performance / speed improvement

    Most of us know well the 'mundane' fact that fastest possible pageload times for a website means less frustrated customers + less leaving for a competitor's similar site = higher conversion rate. It's easy to say, but needs thorough inspection and often multiple precise modifications in the backend(server) and/or frontend(javascript) code to gradually achieve this goal.

  • Modification(s) on an existing website

    Optimizing and/or adding new feature (often as a custom plugin).

  • Mini games / gamified interaction

    One of the best experience both to develop it and to play it as a website visitor. Usually nearly 100% custom written = custom designed with creative braintorm "ping-pong" sessions with the client. From tiny quiz or gamified form input to games that articulate the Brand value(s) or promote some product or action. Nearly infinite possibilities.

  • Custom Plugin for WP or Woo

    Custom plugin development.

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