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iwanwilaga's default Easter Menu - ham, horseradish, eggs, bread - the core basics

Easter Menu (and behind that..)

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Easter menus consumed by iwan between the year of 2006. and 2012.
iwanwilaga’s default Easter Menu – ham, horseradish, eggs, bread – the core basics

Why i think, Easter-breakfast worth a blog post?

If you are an atheist..
..and don’t deal with the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at all, ..never mind, you may even find it a tasty meal, which you eat once a year, out of sheer habit. No question, the yearly basis might be one of the key components of our sympathy towards this tradition (however I’m not an atheist at all, now let me speak & think like an atheist for a few seconds;). Thanks to this once a year – “feature”, it isn’t really counts, what the menu is about. It could be literally anything. It could be – for example – just a glass of water.  Pre-eminently if in the rest of the year i only could drink drinks that consists no water..;P. I would desire it as hell the same way because of it’s curiosity. Waiting for something (or someone) for one entire year – most of the times – used to do it’s job. Intrinsic value runs up by inverse ratio to the occurrence. And by this fact we instantly arrived to the good-old topic of classical temperateness, which we such easily forget in our daily life, nowadays..
I think, we deal with temperateness much less consciously than we should do. Our life quality and happiness factor can extremely depend on managing temperateness properly. We can revalue almost anything if we set up some limitations towards doing or reaching a specific thing, or person. Just think about blooming long-distance relationships, or try to think how it feels like to take a shower (or to drink a glass of fresh water) after 3 days walking in a desert, or getting into a dry, warm bed after 12 hours of continuous hiking in cold,  rain and dark, or a minute of silence after a whole day construction in the neighbour. Or just not watching tv for a day and “re-exploring” other useful activities in the room.. Things valorizes up. Yeah! I think, the real Art & Knowledge is to be able to approach the things of life by this way, default..

If you are a believer.. know well, that the Easter feast after the Lent period is even “much more fun..” i mean, much more sophisticated, deeper experience, ..but leave this part to the next post;).

Easter Menu (and behind that..)

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