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Improved user flow on a door-handler webshop

  • Post last modified:2022-02-17
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Example of a webshop with smooth UX and high conversion rate user-flow.

Smoothened interactions and more intuitive UI at critical places on the site.

Before the improvement, the potential customers were sometimes stuck at distinct parts of the website, repeatedly. It was clear by the Google Analytics Checkout performance numbers and by other monitoring tools i use to check how well users can navigate back and forth on the website.

Client did a great job at reporting the user-flow bottlenecks with good precision so we immediately went on and “responded” them when those happened.

  • Fixes at checkout fields.
  • Fix in the shipping selection part (still at checkout).
  • Improvement on cart item add/remove UI
  • Improvement at product details page, at the tabbed information UI.
  • Improving email template design dramatically (that was not touched by the theme developers at all)

Just to name a few. There were many dozens if not hundreds of point that we touched.

Even that the chosen theme was a good and robust one with a serious team in the background, there was still room for fine-tune.

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