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Global success website for concrete designer firm

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From zero to hero

When we started to plan the website, Client had zero exposure to global markets (in 2019). There was 0.00 chance that anyone would get to know about this company from outside the borders of Hungary.

SEO and admin UX driven planning

At the beginning we chose Flatsome theme (paid) as the base for further customizations. Its Page/Post UX builder is useful (similar to Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, etc.) Client learnt how to work with the builder and diligently producing new content ever since – which is a very important key for their constantly improving SEO and increasing number of client’s global b2b deals.

Caution with Page Builder Plugins

A sidenote: i personally believe now the WordPress’s native Gutenberg editor (free/opensource product) has reached a usability level that makes it a viable alternative against the above mentioned popular Visual Site Builder tools. So, it’s upon the client’s capabilities which builder tool i would recommend and set up for them. Also, considerable fact which builder tool is more light weight than the others. These plugins can affect the website’s loading speed negatively. Especially, without proper caching setup.

Energy and resources worth putting into content SEO

Through the course of time, we put a vast number of workhours into sharpening (SEO optimizing) the content of the most important, critical (landing)pages. Some of these pages are 1st position in Google (for example “concrete awards”, “concrete trophies”) thus driving significant quality visitors and customers to the company from all around the globe. (US, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia).

The process usually is that whenever the Client comes up with new content parts, i used to revise it from a SEO standpoint (although i’m not a certified SEO expert, i have practical experience in the field from the past 4+ years). Giving adjustment suggestions – both on written and image SEO. Eventually i may suggest additional SEO expert(s) to check the content if the situation further requires that. The main point is that it’s more efficient when it’s SEO inspected by at least one specialist.

Further growth opportunities

Most likely it would bring furthermore clients if the website will be translated to german, spanish, etc. languages. Client is working on improving their production capacity first.. then, when that’s settled, they may have the option to work on these further reaching site-expansion steps.

Client has quite limited expenses in regard to maintaining the WP website. Only the theme and the translation plugin have an annual fee at the moment. I’m kinda proud of it. Thanks, WordPress, thanks, open source!

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