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Custom coded feature-rich listing site for Hungarian wedding-photographers

  • Post last modified:2022-02-22
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Client wanted a more capable dynamic CMS, similar to the big guys in the field:, fearless photographers, etc.

The challenge for me was a bunch of features that i never coded before. Obviously i’m very grateful for this project as i learnt so much from it (as usual).

Some of these rather extra features:

  • Fast and appealing search panel with multiple filters to display the registered wedding photographer members seamlessly – without pageloads (ajax)
  • Form with dynamic fields for wanna-be-married couples to post an call for wedding photographers
  • Admin approval step before a wedding ad (custom post type) goes live (admin need to make it public)
  • Internal notification system that sends emailt to the photographer members when a visitor’s wedding advertisement is approved and published by the admin
  • Visual notice for the photographer if some important field is not properly filled in their Photographer Profile Page (CPT)
  • Automated feedback emails to the wedding advertiser (who needs wedding photographer) when a wedding happened (WP Cron)
  • Listing page and easy email sending ‘tool’ for admin about all the inactive photographers (or those with some missing/invalid data in their profiles)
  • Internal log about messaging between photographers and wedding couples. Thus admin always able to see the first interaction.

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