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Minimalist clean website with gamified parts for a Data-company

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Uniqueness, custom mini-game/interaction, randomity

We decided to put all these into the site design concept.

Client’s demand was a neat, lean website, which gives the impression of strict discipline and organized, data-driven approach. It was a great (and entertaining) challenge to design and cook up the website to be playful (interactive) and disciplined at the same time.

The design and coding process of the playable ‘mosaic’ surface – in which the company’s motto is also displayed – took many rounds of ‘ping-pong’ brainstorm between me and the Client, thus reaching the current state of that module. We tested at least 5-6 versions and always improved 1-2 steps up from those.

Client also likes very much that the top menu items are getting highlighted as we are scrolling at the different sections on the page (SPA – single page application). That was a little surprise by me, was not explicitly planned, but i found it’s worth to add (took some extra rounds tho). Obviously i love this effect too. Many websites not using it.

Performance boost

Of course, this website (as all) got speed enhancement optimization whenever it could. The map (at the bottom contact section) took more than a second to load. I needed to implement some custom smart listeners that let the map lazy-load itself, which was not by default.

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