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My personal website with app-like UI, creative gamified design and cool UX

  • Post last modified:2022-02-19
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When i started to plan my own website, nearly everything was unclear, but one thing was sure:

  • it will be different (at least not so common)
  • it will challenge the visitor (interactions)
  • it will try to give “wow” experience and invoke fun moments

Since i treat my own website as a critically important materialization of my personality as a whole, it’s critically important to me to find the balance and harmony within all (moving) parts of the project.

The UX is being improved by regularly monitoring what the users are exactly doing on my site, where they click, where doesn’t. etc. Nowadays we have some extremely powerful SaaS applications for checking these. I really didn’t believe it at first, when i first saw it in action.

The “Split” challenge

You wouldn’t think, but to me yet the biggest kunst is to separate the Personal/Professional parts of the website properly. I mean here the contrast between the self-introduction vs. the web-development services section. This is the place where i try to keep some balance between non-standard, experimental coolness and the well-known website elements that everyone knows and can use safely (the common UI/UX language). So here we have the Standards vs. Innovative brave experiments.

It’s easier to say than to do. Personal style and joyful adventure are clearly the biggest opposite of a cool, calm, standardized, structured professional portfolio. Can the two fits into the same (web)page? Will potential clients take me seriously if they see my personal/playful side as well (At some extent)? That is the question that excites me here. 😉

So, about the design..

That was no question to me that i want to build a smooth and simple user experience, an app-like UX approach both on desktop and on mobile. Avoiding page-loads as much as possible, while keeping up SEO-power. That’s another vast topic. An exciting one.

The website is constantly evolving and upgrading. I am interested to see how it will look like on the 31st of December 2022. Maybe bookmark it to your calendar if interested. 🙂

IF you have missed the Frontpage of this site, feel free to check it.

The official, 365-workhour challenge

As we are already talking about challenges, here i must mention that this website is taking part of another official challenge of mine as well in 2022. Read more about it if you feel interested. I think it’s a great one.

Iwan Wilaga

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