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What can i build in 365 hours (personal website project)

  • Post last modified:2022-02-22
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And then i just said:

“Let’s start this new year fresh and productiWe, right out of the box..”

I believe in a simple thing: we always improve the thing we are focusing on; Never happened that i went backwards with anything i started to do or learn. We just need to put in the proper amount of time. The amount of time correlates with the quality of the outcome of the (whatever) project at the end (should i say “completion” instead :).

So, i decided to mix the ‘exciting’ with the ‘(p)u(rpo)seful’ and jump hardcore into my long time neglected / abandoned / deWastated / _technically extinct_ personal website. This site has existed since around 2004 in various forms. But to be honest, it has never got to spin up properly. My focus always shifted to something else. However, as the saying says: Nothing lasts forever. Neither my website’s suffering of ages of inactivity 😉

The challenge is simple. I dedicate (at least) 365 hours to my website in 2022. I will report the actual status and findings at the beginning of every month. Plus, some stats.

Great and Amazing idea it is and a great therapy for me. It’s best advantage probably is that it helps me to focus my whole existence and purpose onto the next levels.

Let’s see how it evolves (we already do it, while browsing this website right now 🙂

Iwan Wilaga

Freelancer web-developer from Hungary. All about Wordpress & WooCommerce mainly. Sustainable, "reasonable" / slow life supporter.. Street-workout enthusiast. Ex-model. FLOW & Ikigai hunter. Blood-donator. Enjoys playing poker and specific games from the 90's.

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