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Self trackers: Eight Personal Tales of Journeys in Life-logging

  • Post last modified:2022-02-08
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The first book got released!

Together with 7 other rather geeky individuals – talented self-tracker fellows – we share our unique stories about our unconventional (some would rather say ‘weirdo’ 😉 self-inspective behavior and the extraordinary journey we get by doing what we do. Inspirations, practices, research, thoughts, feelings, analysis, conclusions.

Our community takes part in the so-called Quantified Self Movement. It helps us to become more aware and conscious about ourselves throughout our lives i. Goes the same about our interaction with the ‘outer’ world as well.

Interesting, unordinary, thought-provoking read. Read it, share it, Enjoy the full book from here! By purchasing the book, you support the authors (indie publication), contribute to our ongoing self-tracking projects and activities. Thank you for that as well.

Feel free to let us know your opinion 🙂

Iwan Wilaga

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