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4 zero waste projects i find inspiring

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These zero-waste entrepreneurs are perfect to start with in the very first 30 minutes of your introduction to this topic.

Are you new to the world of eco-consciousness? Or somehow just recently got in touch with (or get touched by) the concept of a (rather) sustainable life on Earth? Then this is a useful source of inspiration for you. Let you realize how far the most active and talented ‘ambassadors’ of this movement got with their ingenious zero-waste daily life-hacks.

I’m not able and don’t even want to rank or compare these people by any means – since they are both invaluable. I try to be fair, so first i present a true Sustainability Master who was the first that i stumbled upon on Facebook or Instagram:

Rob Greenfield @Florida, US

Pursuing an ingeniously sustainable life

Rob Greenfield zero waste and sustainability guru wearing his trash-suit for 1 entire month in New York.

Rob Greenfield is the first zero waste life guru ever got onto my ‘radar’ back in 2016. Since then, i quickly became a solid fan of his approach towards intelligent life and being a good person. He makes a long and spectacular journey on continuously improving himself and his environment in every possible aspect. What i find unique in Rob’s approach is that he persistently (and creatively!) challenges himself in so many fields and experiences about sustainable life. Like few others on this planet yet. Or just a handful of people. He is a “Swiss-knife” of sustainable life practices. 🙂

If you need just 1 source of inspiration, i advise you to pick him and research his ‘world’ thoroughly

Rob Greenfield has a massive amount of experience in sustainable lifestyle to share with us. I feel kinda challenged to keep this summary about his achievements relatively short.

Rob has done already 10+ quite spectacular and radical sustainable lifestyle projects that no one made before (in the western world / as i know of). To name just a few: Cycling through the US on a bamboo bike, sometimes barefoot, sometimes with removed seat. All for charitable purposes, raising money for dozens of non-profit organizations related to sustainability. Wearing a custom made ‘suit’ of all the waste he produced for 1 entire month in New York city. He created the Dumpster Divers Defense Fund. And recently he is practicing off the grid lifestyle in a tiny house with 100% zero waste and self-sustainable food production. This means that he is eating ONLY the food that he manages to grow or forage.

This is a pro attitude. It surely takes an extremely dedicated mindset and discipline.

These projects have already made the public’s eye pop out and start to think about what’s going on. And this is the #1 goal for now if you ask me (and if you don’t :). He is steadily gaining popularity, slowly but surely. His follower base is still far less than it should be, regarding all these efforts he put into his daily life. Surely, he inspires and awakens masses of people. That’s why I’m grabbing the keyboard and spreading the goodness at my best too. That’s how this works. This is now the most important global trend on Earth that i know of.

So, this fella is NOT KIDDING! He has more than 30K followers on Facebook, but it should be 300M already or more, to make an effective change in the world.
Amazing job, man, keep going!

Kathryn Kellogg @California, US

i believe that health and wellness of SELF is inextricably linked to the health and wellness of the PLANET.

Katherine Kellogg with all the waste she produced for 1 year

She is one of the people who partly got inspired by Bea Johnson’s zero waste guide book which i will mention in the last section of this article. Kathryn is also a splendid example of how to connect our enthusiasm with different fields to our zero waste every day. Such as the beauty & fashion industry is not the most known about its environmentally friendly practices (fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter). It’s still light years far from reaching an acceptable level. However, we can make habits and behavior which completely stop supporting the environment exploiting and unethical production of these products. That’s what Kathryn is doing and promoting. And she does a fantastic job.

I totally believe that anyone who is working for a better and cleaner Earth and a more aware, educated society deserves to get paid well! 🙂 There is nothing wrong with the affiliate & online marketing of any product that can substitute all the plastic and non-recyclable stuff out on the store shelves. It’s perfect to promote these alternatives and make money from them. These zero waste guru ladies and gentlemen are working hard, doing a great job and they deserve all the support.

Sonalie Figueiras & Tracy Turo @Hong Kong

Let’s team up and make it a big hit

The masterminds behind and related businesses

These two warrior superwomen are quite big shots in Hong Kong area. I chose them because their impact and strategies are a great role model to follow for everyone, who want to reach as many people’s minds as possible in other (still non-green) places on the Globe. They built up which is an online media platform, news site and database for Hong Kong area which is a perfect help & compass for any citizen who want to stay (more) conscious and efficient in maxing out their own green-goals and zero waste approach.

Power and exposure to turn more and more minds aware

I can perfectly relate to this. Nowadays the word spreads online but the scope and style of its delivery varies a lot. The other 3 examples I show in this article are ‘solo’ zero waste gurus. So, for this one I choose one that is a result of teamwork and solid organization.

The other reason I find this particular zero waste supporting project hyper exciting is because a media platform can grow big enough to hold a mirror in front of ‘traditional’ producers and media. Can further pressure (some of) them to change their attitude and business practices for acceptable and ethical alternatives. Growing up to be an opposition and to take a reasonable part in this “fight for the people’s mind” on the good side. This is surely a pretty dope mission nowadays. Hats off for these great ladies and their kind!

Bea Johnson @California, US

“The mother of the zero-waste lifestyle movement”

Bea Johnson holding a jar with all the trash her family produced in 365 days

She is one of the Earliest Birds who ever started to deal with 0 Waste living before anyone authored a book about it in 2008. Actually, she wrote the book on 0 waste which became a bestseller and in turn caused a massive boom and spread of the idea and inspired loads of other high-profile individuals to start their zero waste activities.

Moreover, some of the people who once read her book are now opening bulk food stores, creating organizations, courses, blogs, vlogs, foundations, funds. They are changing not just industry but the overall approach to what is a valuable Life on Planet Earth.

In short words this is a good flu, the best and only ‘plague’ that should be globally spread. ; )

Many of the others on this list most likely have read her book. Bea has simply just been titled: “The mother of the zero-waste lifestyle movement” by CNN.

That tells me pretty much about it. Her book Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste should be taught and discussed in every school since its publication.

“Zero Waste living is a lifestyle that is rich in experiences rather than things, a life that is based on doing and being rather than having”
Bea Johnson


Zero Waste people for president!

I would confidently choose any of the above listed people to be the presidents (not kidding:) of leading countries and global institutions since they all have the necessary qualities and values such as awareness, care, empathy, and non-materialistic approach. We all know well that these values nowadays are NOT the strongest ‘skills’ of top politicians and decision-makers’ attitude.. These values simply not existing at the top-level of the profit driven global capitalist business culture/cartel.

The network of rising green stars

The 0-waste people’s cooperation, coordination and guidance would still be entirely enough to ‘repair’ the situation on this planet. However, to achieve this, EVERYONE must learn and apply their behavior from this very moment. Everyone should set up their own zero waste project. You too, if not started already. No exclusions, unfortunately.
That simple. Oh, wait, not that simple. Fairly difficult to introduce this right behavior to most of us, ‘Earthians’. But we are working on it.

Beautiful people. Inside and out. We STILL deserve a better ‘programmed’ society.

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