Iwan’s Global Gobbler Report (2006-2015)

food photo diary jubilee edition

This food photo pageant is a special edition of Iwan’s  Thank You For My Daily Food project, on a 60 x 60 cm print displaying 16 of Iwan‘s carefully hand-picked food photo diary days between the years of 2006 and 2015. Each of these days marks significant or interesting global events, happenings, that might be known by many of the viewers.

Iwan's Global Gobbler Report (2006-2015)

By mashing up two different simultaneous happenings in Iwan’s micro- and macro universe: the personal every days with the global happenings. In other words, hereby on the picture we can observe what happened on both the sides of Iwan’s stomach-wall. Two completely different event-scope but both are true, factual and happened on the same day (plus-minus time-zones). Seemingly Iwan’s consumed food and these global events do not relate or reflect (too much) on each other. Or do they? .. Actually really not. Most of the cases Iwan had no idea about the actual global issue on the same day as it happened.

For instance on the day when Michael Jackson reportedly passed away, 25th of June 2009, Iwan apparently had quite an unusual amount of ‘non-soft’ drinks. It could have happened because of the sad news about the great icon but actually it happened on a purpose of a ‘brainstorming’ with a university professor friend about an art project.

At this point the viewer can play with thoughts and theories by combining the given visual (personal layer) and textual (global layer) data together, for instance to decide whether The Butterfly Effect can really play a role in our lives..

Iwan’s main objective was to find some global happenings that had remarkable impact on a significant part of the Earth’s population, and/or has grotesque and/or surrealistic and/or humorous and/or educative and/or inspiring outcome. The chosen handset of these 16 days can be taken as a sort of personal statement since our pickings are our decisions thus they usually can describe us quite punctually.

Since the first photos of my meals been taken in 2006 January, the food-documenting project is ongoing for more than 10 years now, HOORAY! 🙂

Iwan is been technically working on this piece of food pageant for almost 10 years now.


References used for collecting the global historical events:

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_years
  • http://www.historyorb.com/events-by-year.php


Exhibition display schedule:

2015.06.20  –  QS15 Quantified Self Exposition – San Francisco – Herbst Pavillion / Cowell Theater, Pier 2 – Herbst Pavilion, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA. Introduction here. All details here.

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