This is the list of my food photo equipment, gadgets, cameras that once helped documenting my food diary project. Many of them served me until their ‘terminal breath’. R.I.P. 🙂

Iphone 5S

status: ACTIVE
2017.06.12 –

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (another one)

status: INACTIVE
2017.01.02 ? – 2017.06.14
simply iphone is faster and i stuck to that one.
(and it’s a non-paid advertisement! 😀 )

Samsung Galaxy S4

status: INACTIVE
2015.09.20 ? –
it was too old & slow to use anymore. Sorry mate.:)

Nikon D750

status: ACTIVE (extremely rare that i use it for this project)
2015.08.14 ? –

samsung_note_4_155px1 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

status: INACTIVE
2015.01.02 -2015.09.01.
got stolen on the “4-6 tram”, Budapest

coolpad_F1_155px1 Coolpad F1

status: INACTIVE
2014.04.17 -2015.01.02.
substituted by higher performance phone (then lost)

samsung_galaxy_s2_155px1 Samsung Galaxy S2

status: INACTIVE
2013.02.04 -2014.04.14.
screen smashed when i accidentally kneed on it on the bed 🙂 (Shanghai)

iphone_4s_black_155px1 Iphone 4S

status: INACTIVE
2011.12.18 -2012.06.12.
lost after a heavy party-night in Budapest (palinka-toxication 😉

Food Photo Equipment Olympus 850SW

status: INACTIVE
2009.01.16 –
multiple zoom & exposure failure

Food Photo Equipment status: INACTIVE

2008.04.04 – 2009.02.01.
(for measuring the weight of all my eaten food ~ 1 year long project)

Food Photo Equipment Sony Ericsson k800i

status: INACTIVE
2008.01.17 –

Food Photo Equipment Digital Price Computing Scale

status: INACTIVE
2007.11.10 – 2008.04.04.

Food Photo Equipment Sony Ericsson k600i

status: INACTIVE
2006.09.30 – 2007.10.23.
drawn into rainwater while in my pocket. I was cycling in heavy rain)

Food Photo Equipment Olympus 600

status: INACTIVE
2005.12.24 – 2008.09.10.
Zoom ERROR. Expired warranty.
Service times: 2
Photos taken approx.: ~105.813


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