Questions and Answers What kind of artist you consider yourself?
Questions and Answers Conceptual artist. Its true that i have a diverse range of interests and curiosity towards the world around me, so it’s apparently the best option to keep staying to be a conceptual artist thus not narrowing/dedicating myself to any further specific genre of Art yet..


Questions and Answers Why are you documenting your life? Why is it good for you?
Questions and Answers answer A: Because i am curious enough about my own Life and want to learn a lot from it on a art-aware way. I found myself passionate about observing how things are slowly changing and varying during 1, 5, 10, … years.answer B: Not the goal, the progression, what counts. I achieve lot of concentration, self-discipline by doing what i do.

answer C: I am interested in handling large amount of data, and finding out systems, that can manage and sort the information. For this, i need some source data to use for. The shortest (and most pleasant) way is to gain information from my personal life. As my life is always opened for capturing by myself, this kind of data tends to be the most logical and convenient way to collect. In this way “i kill two birds with one stone” :).

answer D: It can be a deep, distracting personal fear about ending life without leaving behind enough evidence/substantiation of our existence. Apparently there is also a strong psychological demand for spreading out my memory as much as i can.

answer E: With some luck, my research can spot new patterns and relationship between life-styles and body mechanisms, which change some parts of general thinking about efficient, sustainable living, in some fields of scientific disciplines or even in healthcare.


Questions and Answers Where is this coming from ?
Questions and Answers
My family has a long tradition of administrating, probably it’s kinda coded into my genes, haha. My great grandmother worked at a lottery-office processing void lottery sheets 12 hours a day. My grandfather(R.I.P) was an electric-engineer, inventor, who planned months advance. I guess i’ve learnt a lot from him by playing in the same room, where he managed his “businesses”. My older grandmother (R.I.P) was a micro-biologist, she logged a lot, my other grandma was an administrator / secretary at University of Miskolc, Hungary for ~ 40years. My mother has several jobs where administrating is important (local university administration offices, financial departments at local companies).


Questions and Answers How is it started ?
Questions and Answers As a 4-5 year old kid i frequently been waking up around 6 am and organized my matchbox cars and other toys in my cabinet for hours to find the best layout.. :). I guess, that was the first symptom (of being nerdy). A few years later (still as a child) i started to write and draw small diaries about my progress with computer games, daily happenings inside my aquarium. Later, in 1999 i started to write my first personal diary. In the year of 2000 i started to write my “Internet-diary” that was such a funny period to look back at, since we got dial-up internet at home that time, and for the first years it was a sort of challenge (kinda technical ‘quest’)  to connect to the internet. This diary was about these attempts to get online, and contained the detailed list of websites, links i visited then, and the accidental – maddening – disconnections. In 2004 my personal diary morphed into a to-do-list, which i wrote in txt-files (every day a new one..) and later in excel (every day a new row). At Christmas, 2005 i got my first digital camera, and from that time a new era had just begun.
The first food-photo i made in 1st of January, 2006..


Questions and Answers When did you start to document your daily food?
Questions and Answers I shot the first food-photo on the 1st of January, 2006 but i only started to do the strict all-food-photo concept later, from 2006 August 1st). I started with my first digital camera, that i got as a present for Christmas, 2005. Not much later at a course of my art university we got the task to produce some “Eat-Art” piece. I started to document my daily food as part of researching the topic and collecting some inspiration for the final piece. Then this ‘side-effect’ turned out to be the main project of my current art activity.Progressively, without any miss, i take the food-photos since August of 2006. However my entire collection is whole only since May of 2007 because an early hard-disk failure that resulted in a loss of several food photos between 2007 Feb and Apr. That time i was not protected by any back-up system.


Questions and Answers When do you want to stop / finish it ?
Questions and Answers At the end of my Life.
Questions and Answers Thank you.

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