W’s personal food intake in 2016.

Full chart of annual food intake in 2016 by Iwan Wilaga
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As 2016. the year of monkey passed, here is my annual personal food intake statistics of all the food and drinks i consumed during this crazy but great year. Let’s say it is 99% punctual. I revised all my meals and beverage photos to input the figures into this chart one by one.

Let’s crunch some numbers 🙂

What we got:
4152 food and drink items i consumed (took photo of each)
11,3 food item per day in average i consumed
7,4 Gigabyte is the size of all this photo-data in 2016. 

Full chart of annual food intake in 2016 by Iwan Wilaga

Summing It up

My year of 2016. in terms of nutrition and eating habits was promising! I can tell i’m still constantly improving and adopting more pure-, more healthy lifestyle and less waste. My food waste ratio is already near zero %. 

For instance the last box of spoiled milk i threw out was more than 2 years ago i think 😀 Keep it (c)Lean! Take what we need and Enjoy what we take!

I generally increased my spinach, almond, broccoli, tuna, salmon, cocoa (85%+ dark chocolate) tofu, soya, oat, parmesan cheese and water intake. Still drinking loads of milk, but i drink less for the (over)night time. I feel good! ^^

Also i ‘quit’ drinking protein shakes this year meanwhile still kept improving my body and muscles as a whole, so guys, you can think it twice too. 😉

A bit(e) of insight:

W's personal food intake in 2016.
Super cheap and super tasty chinese chicken menu. Around 18 RMB / 2,5 USD. (Guangzhou, 2016.03. random street kitchen)
Remains of a chinese high-end lunch and dim sum
Chinese high end lunch & dim sum (Guangzhou 2016.02.)
Fresh local vegetables and fruits from the market
Fresh local stuff from the market (Guangzhou, 2016.02)

Now let’s see how my system works it out in 2017…%) Cheers!

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