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Lifelong Art  &  self-documentation
Let me share some philosophy cocktail that i believe really can help us to shine and thrive at Life.

“In essence, true success is the journey
and not the goal.” (unknown author)

“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it,
but what he becomes by it.” (John Ruskin)


Getting ourselves known (a good step to start with..) much as we can – should be – a natural demand for everyone. To Explore Life and greatest opportunities around us, to get the most out of ourselves – should be taught in every school ..and in the media…

We make decisions, movements, results all the time, and there are actions, that we make only once in a lifetime. There are things, we repeat continually, in a loop circle, which only ends at the very End of our Life (eating, sleeping, talking, feeling, loving, etc). Some of our tasks are axiomatic (self-evident), such as going to toilet or writing down information that we don’t want to forget. Some other (more complex) tasks require more brainstorming, harder decisions.

By tracking some of our own trivial (self-evident) activities

..we can experience something interesting. Awareness. And it’s a very important and useful thing in my opinion. It’s actually a practice, a more conscious behavior which helps us to evaluate our own life on a higher level than before. And that is very glorious. We may not think how helpful this kind of self-observation can be until we really start to do some form of it.


Comprehend the real value of 1 day in our Lifetime

Ever tried it? Honestly. We have about 26.000 days in our average lifetime. We have nearly 26000 opportunities to wake up and decide to do something really great and extraordinary on (or from) that day. How many times we really do that?

I am also REALLY impressed by the fact, how LARGE AMOUNT of actions we do throughout our lifetime (without any thinking). So many (too many) of us absolutely not aware of the infinite capacity and power of the conscious human mind. And not even think about it. How many wasted human hours our society generates every hour? It’s even hard to estimate it. But it’s not a small number, you can be pretty confident.

Just because we are not aware of the possibilities we really have. If we turn off our tv, our Netflix, our comfortable routine-life (that we got socialized and ‘trained’ for) and start to create and star our own series, our own ‘broadcast’ of our one (at a time) Life. Just like how people did it before the 1950’s.

How much is our cost to this planet?

By looking at the big number of biological actions we do, such as sneezing, yawning, dousing, urinating, doing sex, thinking, calculating, contemplating.. Have we wondered about how much our ‘operation’ cost through an entire Lifetime?

Maintaining ourselves, keeping ourselves prepared, constantly recharging our ‘batteries’, filling up with ‘fuel’. To be able to do the things that we usually repeat day after day. Nearly all the 26000 days. And to make sure that we stay ready and charged for those Big Moments that happens only once, twice, few times in our Life. The really special, exclusive ‘peak’ moments. The top of the iceberg, the top of the Maslow Pyramid.

Let’s admit, our average human life is quite uneconomical by default. In other words: sometimes we have to eat and drink maybe hundred kilograms / pounds of food between two really remarkable, special moment in our Life. We go to toilet dozen, hundred or thousand- (or some of us maybe more than ten-thousand ;)) times between two memorable, unique moments in our Life. Play with the idea, just think a little bit about this. It’s crazy.

Based on this i created some measurements:


These are extremely high values!

I try to Do my Life by keeping this fact in my mind all the time. Keeping these values as low as possible. It helps. Try it! If we get aware of the ridiculous expensiveness of our own personal Life, we will never see (and treat) the world the same as before. We will feel that the number of our Special Moments starting to increase tremendously naturally and tremendously!

The ability to convert the not so special things into Special

When i started to take photographs of all the food and drinks i consume – in 2006 – i felt nothing special. But after a while (1-2 months) things started to change. My relation towards food, thus towards Life, irrevocably changed and improved. And improving since then, still. 12+ years later!

Simple food started to transform into treasure for me. I started to see what i was blind for before. It’s an amazing feeling. Foods’ value skyrocketed in my eyes, since i have to do more work for getting it each and every time. In addition to put up the money for it (since i’m still not able to grow my own food) and prepare it, i also need to take the photo of the food ALL-THE-TIME. 🙂

So after all this.. it slowly became a conscious “strategy” to make the Moments of my own Life more valuable. I caught myself working more and more on this. And it works. My soul is more content and far more fulfilled with goodness even than before. Great feeling. And the right Path. It only depends on our awareness of the things and of our Life.


Darwin knows the deal

The most responsive to change

Here let me express my special thanks to the great evolutionist and thinker, Charles Darwin. Especially for his (kinda) well-known quote which must be cited every here and then to remind us the basic truth every single day:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin, 1809
This image is borrowed from

By the way: our human society at this moment is not responsive to change. It’s simply paralyzed.


Being Water..

It seems like that the very useful observation that defines the survival capability of a successful life-form has existed way before Darwin expressed his studies on that.

Let’s take Bruce Lee, whose approach of life, attitude and energy is also a significant daily source for us to breed on. “Be Water My Friend..”. If you never heard this legendary quote before, then please (IMMEDIATELY:) take 25 seconds and watch it right here. Even more proper if you watch this 21 minute full version of the last interview with Bruce Lee straight away. An extremely useful source of improvement and inspiration for all of us (in my hyper-honest opinion;). You will start to feel the elevated energy of this human being in a few seconds.

Actually, ‘being water’ is closely matching with the idea of:


Be in The Present (take out the trash)

The Moment matters. Here and Now. 

Which is the basic principle of the Tibetian Buddhism, for instance, and many other philosophies. “Who lives in the present, lives the wholest life”. Doing more than think. Or at least do what we once thought (as a good idea).. That is the goal, that is the objective. As an inspiration, please watch this short scene from the movie: “The Peaceful Warrior”. And keep it in mind, day by day. I hope it will help, ..i hope it’s good for all of us. (please immediately tell me in the comments, if not! )

Be In The Moment. Here and Now.



ANY form of Self-Improvement

Inspires, thrills, motivates and amaze me. Let it be mine or others’ achievements. For many years back in time, the instance of self-improvement is one of the key-words that keeps the positive energy and vibes inside my soul and mind. The vision of a “Better Self” on tomorrow morning. Tho some can say: “Hey, you are thinking about the future, this violates the ‘Be in Present‘ principle, Dude!”  Well, maybe, …but No. 🙂  I believe that the Be In Present and Be a Better Self components can make a proper, powerful combo in our Mind-set cocktail..



At the end a few more Masters who have been inspiring..

Since I constantly try to Live by celebrating and respecting all the happenings in Life (so, not only food;) and trying to stay as much open-minded as possible. i’ve learnt from Raghava KK indian artist, that we can “reborn” in one life multiple times. Learnt a lot from Gary Vaynerchuck on only dealing with things which you really love (to do). With obsession. Learnt from many inspiring people that the best and only drug is FLOW (thanks, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi). Being opened to meet new people, new places (Couchsurfing), new skills, new ideas, ingenious thoughts ( to make the world a better place.

Learnt from Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, and some others, that not only the bad guys are ‘Rockstars’. Learnt from the native americans how we should feel and respect the nature and do belong to it (which we obviously don’t do yet in our average human society). The humble ‘anti-ego’ asian people. An amazing Landart creator, Andy Goldsworthy, who is a western master of becoming part of the nature and build simple but ingenious and beautiful things out of what we find around us (his wonderful documentary movies are a must watch). Richard Long for walking half his life and just being in the Moment during that. Or let’s take Leonardo da Vinci and the renaissance, telling us that a human being can deal with multiple disciplines / fields of life, and maybe should. Especially in the XXI.century, in the verge of a global collapse.

The above list is ultra-short. Thousands of people inspired me already, thus i’m so thankful for them for all the passion and wisdom they gave me.



If you have anything to add, ideas, impressions, relevant teachings, constructive critics, please feel free to add it as a comment below.

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