Food-shot challenge #02 – The “bun question”

Food-shot challenge #02 – The "bun question"
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Food-shot challenge #02 – The "bun question"Some ingredients are not visible in the picture, unless i replace the top of the buns. Okay, but that’s not the typical way that i eat them.
Both the left and right side gives us important information, but about two different aspects, which exist at the same time, but (maybe) impossible to show at the same time! So i cannot compress all the information* into one picture.
I try to document my food on the most logical way, however it’s not an easy business to keep the reality unmanipulated in such extreme situations, however i do everything to not to manipulate or pimp the ‘design’ of my meals just for the sake of the photo-documentation!

One thought on “Food-shot challenge #02 – The “bun question”

  1. MMXII says:

    Hey GYnGY! I think, You need a special device on this particular case.
    I mean an X-ray-like flash system that U can turn on when flashing ‘bun food’ so U take 2 pic on the same time.. just imagine.. could solve this issue right away..[?] ;]

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