Compact camera vs. iPhone 4S

image and flash quality comparison between a compact camera(left side) and iphone 4S(right side)
Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: 2017/12/21)

image and flash quality comparison between a compact=I have to admit, i still was a bit afraid of the photographic capacity of the iPhone 4S when i tossed the money for it in the store. I checked some comparisons on websites before and found, maybe it is the first model, that could retire the compact cameras, which i used since 2006. My main doubt was about the flash capacity and quality, since i use flash for ALL of my documented meals. It’s in my “design” policy.

Now i want to show, that Apple dudes made quite eligible job with the 4S, because there is not a big difference between the two images in my comparison picture above. Or at least it’s above the line. I’m glad, and sure, that the new generations of iPhones will give even better image quality.
Iwanwilaga project is kinda satisfied at this moment. iPhone 4S passed 😉

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