Blood donation failure – Blooderhood Project paused

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“Ooops i did it (too) often!” – it’s almost like a Britney Spears song.. ;P

Well i ‘ve just tried my best, and – according to my Blooderhood Project – i went to donate my blood as soon as it was possible, so in every ~56 days. Last time, in the 28th of April, all the process worked well UNTIL the very end of my blood giving, (4.5 decilitres been donated ✔). When the nurse plugged me out of the “system”, i immediately felt: ” i’m sweltering like in a sauna”,  and   “no doubt, now i may perfectly turned pale like an unsuntanned C++ programmer in the middle of the summer“.  I felt, i’ll swoon in seconds, or at least vomit a bit. But it just not happened. I asked the nurse, “am i white?” She told: “- No, you are grey”      ..Hah, that’s not much better though. 😛

I asked, what are the root causes of a blood donation failure / unfinish (with passed blood test). Nurse and doc (who jumped beside me with some rapidly mixed ‘steroid cocktail’) told it has a lot of factors such as inadequate amount of food and liquid in the body 4 hours (not 4 minutes!) before donation, or body exhaustion, tiredness, stress, illness, high heartbeat rate (eg. if someone rush into the donating place in the last minute like a racehorse) or current constellation of the stars (that was my favourite)..

So i have learned, that it’s better to change one gear down, and leave at least 3 months between two blood donations. I have time to think it over, because I have been BANNED from blood donation FOR ONE YEAR. So project is frozen till 28th of Apr, 2012. Ouch.-

So see more about my blood-donation project by clicking here.

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