Big Mac vs. Cheeseburger Math – Get the most out of it!

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Balanced scale with Big Mac sandwich and Cheeseburgers on it. This infographics shows, how much calories you get from them for the same cost.

Little prudence, always can be useful. If it happens to be the only way to gain some energy around, let’s take the most out of Mc’don*lds! If you buy 3 pieces of cheeseburgers you can suffice your stomach 1.6 x more than with 1 piece of Big Mac at the same price (according to the Mc Donald’s official nutrition data). In other words, if you buy 1 Big Mac instead of 3 Cheeseburgers, you get only ~ 0.62 % of food material into your hands. Let’s decide if it’s better or worse for your health ;)…  I havn’t investigated any other (fast) food restaurants, chains, franchises yet. Let’s collect other tricks and ideas about living and eating well ;P.

“Good practices for hungarians and all the others over the recession-shaked world..” Born as a part of Advanced Life Optimizing Technics in Hungary (ALOITH) series.

Attention:  This calculation had been initialized at a Mc’Donalds table, somewhere in Budapest, Hungary, 2011, May. You are allowed (but not recommended) to try this at home too 😛 )

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