Iwanwilaga is not alone with his self driven life-data collecting passion. Hereby listed some of the artists who -partly or totally- devoted their lives to their persistent projects (some are temporary, some are permanent) by documenting, tracking, life-logging, processing and presenting various aspects of their daily environment, daily Life.


Minordata.org website collects many remarkable contemporary life-loggers projects.


Alberto Frigo

Andy Warhol – Time Capsule 21

Buckminster Fuller – The chronofile

Ellie Harrison

Janina Turek – (diaries 1940-2000)

Katherine Ka Yi Liu

Nicholas Felton – Feltron Eight

Tehching Hsieh – One Year Performance

Artists dealing with Life-Long art projects:

Emese Benczúr

Roman Opalka

Some more ‘non-data-collector’ artists who gained Iwan’s respect thus deserved to be listed here as well.

Andy Goldsworthy

Marina Abramović

Richard Long

Spencer Tunick

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