The Iwan Wilaga ‘identity’ born back around 2005. I am a hungarian web-developer, thinker, (& doubter), conceptual artist, photographer, blogger and casual model.

I treat my own Life as a time-canvas, which can (and Should!) be populated by a couple of (hopefully) meaningful and artistic experiments through several life-styles and disciplines that i set up for myself time by time.

In my opinion the purpose of life (here on Earth at least) in one sentence can be:


“Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.


This gives a lot of poWer and passion to the people who understand this Wisdom. Oh, and it’s sure worth to add that the “best” also means literally to Stay Good. The opposite of Evil. Too many examples are running out there, who forgot to implement the second part and they are working hard to become the very b(adass)est evils of our recent times. Anyways..


Life-long food photo diary project

W taking a photo of his dinner in Guangzhou, China in 2017
W taking his ‘trademark’ food photo of his dinner (Guangzhou, China, 2017)

My most consistent and (i guess) most unique project is Thank You For My Daily Food project. i take a photo of every food and drink i consume, all day, every day. My personal food diary photo collection is growing day by day. I do this mostly as a thanksgiving ritual. It’s the same as praying before eating. Always trying my best to not forget to take the photos. I’m doing not too bad. About 1 out of every 2000 food items i forget to photograph. That’s 2-3 missed food photos a year.

The project is running since 2006, and will be finished / completed probably on the day when my life ends. Or when i’m simply not able to do any more actions to continue recording my food items in any form.

I do this project for all the people who cannot do the same because of the lack of camera or ..Food. Or both. For all the rest, just to let them contemplating about real values in Life. Read more about this project.


(Brief:) Life path

Graduated in 2010 as an MA in media-design at MOME University of Art and Design, Budapest at visual communication department. Soon after i popped into the rather financial world by working at a gold trading firm in Budapest downtown. I took one role after the other. Brand-identity, sales, on/offline marketing and the whole scope of back-office operations. I was a “swiss-knife” handyman in the not too big company. I just called myself “the Problem Solver” :). Was exciting. There i tasted what exactly steep learning curve is.

GoldLion Hong Kong 2017 FWIn 2013 summer i temporarily moved to Asia to experience a third career-path & lifestyle: modeling. Managed to do modeling in China and South-east Asia for about 4 years. More than 100 fashion shows all over China and nearly the same amount of photo shootings and events. During this, though i never managed to properly adapt to the superficial and sort of meaningless (to me at least) world of fashion and consumerism. Sorry for these crude words. 😉

It was actually mentally challenging to maintain the balance between this world and my constant hunger for new knowledge, and great collaboration on more meaningful projects instead. However, at the end, it is surely an amazing and super colorful life-experience with my chinese friend-network, acquaintances and the mandarin knowledge included. Hong Kong became my second home in my heart. That’s for sure. 🙂

During the Asian years i also kept experimenting with some additional fields, such as MLM companies, and making websites. Mostly by remotely managing the website of our small family company back in my hometown, i kept my eyes on the world of SEO and kept improving.

Since the beginning of 2018 i am officially a freelancer website developer and SEO specialist. I go all-in. All my resources (mostly TIME) and focus. This year’s challenge is to get as much knowledge as possible in the field of web-development. I am curious how far an individual can get in 365 days, without any institutional help, purely by self-taught methods (it’s fairly common practice in this industry though). All my freedom (thus responsibility) is on my personal taste of choosing the sources i’m learning from. I can easily reach for some of the best masters on this planet for free on Youtube and for a few bucks per month on LinkedIn Learning (ex and Udemy. I enjoy this process a LOT. I feel in FLOW almost all the time..

That’s where we are at the moment (2018, Nov). Can’t wait to see how my things are unfolding from this point..


A few things that describe iwanwilaga
Iwan things like tattoo

Major Interests

(excerpt from a really long list..)

FLOW, Self-documenting lifestyle, human mind, sustainability, zero-waste, kid’s ideas, art, education, self-improvement, calisthenics, alternative+effective language learning/teaching methods,,, ancient cultures & philosophies, blood donating, data-visualization, time & task-management, sauna-culture, performance-hiking, uphill-running, rally sports, kutedo-ryu kempo (martial arts), dietetics, surviving, all kinds of games ( also old-school computer/DOS games, business simulations, tycoon series (i’m huge fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe for instance :), Civ series, etc.)


To find out more details, please continue at my Q&A and Philosophy pages.


Iwan constantly tries to Live by celebrating and respecting all the happenings in Life, and trying to keep himself as much open-minded as it possible. Iwan learnt a lot from Gary Vaynerchuck on only dealing with things which you really like (to do). With obsession, with FLOW. Being opened for new people, new places (Couchsurfing), new skills, new ideas, ingenious thoughts ( Learnt from Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, and some others, that not only the bad guys who rocks. Learnt from the native americans, the japanese people,  and some others and by doing full day “performance-hikings” that to live with the nature, and treat it as an equal partner is not only a good deal to survive, but the only option.

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